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Why Are Countries So Terrified Of Israel?

There are a few reasons.

Below is a picture of the Perth District Court - where I was tried. I had a hearing on January 11th 2011 requesting another venue as it was improper to be tried in a "Jewish Temple". I guess you find that notion pretty silly eh? Well, just check out the front of the court. Whats that "pyramid" emblem mean?

It should be either the state coat of arms or more properly, the "Royal Seal" -

But instead, we have a "pyramid" emblem. This is very important because it shows from where the "lawful authority" is flowing and according to that emblem on the front of the Perth District Court it isn't the Australian Commonwealth Constitution and the Monarch. It's something else. What is it?

Here is another pyramid on another court building -

The above is the Israeli Supreme Court building in Jerusalem. Shit gets deeper. Do you like the "all seeing eye" on the top of the pyramid? Looks a bit like this one -