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Why Is The Media Ignoring My Story?

Rabbi Dr Shalom Coleman CBE AM & Rita, Hon Life President of the Australasian Rabbinate (ORA): "Congratulations on a wonderfully organised event. I was thrilled with the attendance and like you have always believed that we have many friends of Israel among our non-Jewish fellow Australians, The fact that Foreign Affairs Minister Steven Smith took time from his election schedule to attend and address the colossal turn-out speaks volumes for Government support. What happened to me is utterly unique. It even involved an unheard of event - a foreign power DIRECTLY interfered in the Australian legal process. It was astounding but you have never heard about it and nor has there been any follow up by the media after an initial article PUBLICIZING the meeting at which the Israeli Ambassador to Australia and Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister appeared and directly supported the opposition (Stanley Elliot Keyser) in my case. You can read all about it here - CAN ANYONE STAND UP TO THE…