I'm quite shocked at this.

I am well schooled in all matters "Holocaust"TM. I've watched Schindler's List at least 4 times and The Piano 7 times (I like the actor with the big nose). I've also watched a couple of documentaries on the BBC when I was a kid so I'm well up on things.

So, imagine my surprise when I come across Paul Eisens posting of a letter by "Holocaust Denier" Dr Robert Faurisson. In the letter Faurisson claims that the biggest "official" researchers into the gassing of European Jewery all admit that there is not a scrap of paper work evidence to back up proof of the gigantic operation to knock off 6 million of God's finest with bug spray.

Professor Robert Faurisson

Now I am really confused. Like I said, I am no "expert" in the field but I've watched alot of Hollywood movies and BBC documentaries on this subject - not to mention a few Oprah shows - so I find this all hard to believe. Here is what Faurisson has to say -
On the strictly historical and scientific level we, the revisionists, have made all our opponents, without exception, bite the dust. To take just these examples, the Raul Hilbergs, Léon Poliakovs, Georges Wellerses, Pierre Vidal-Naquets, Jean-Claude Pressacs, Robert Jan van Pelts have been annihilated.

Raul Hillberg
For Hilberg, revising his first argument from top to bottom under the avowed influence of “Faurisson and others”, there was, all told, no record of extermination because, it seemed, within the “vast bureaucracy” of Germany the bureaucrats decided to proceed with the extermination of the Jews only “by an incredible meeting of minds, a consensus-mind reading”, and without leaving any written trace of their gigantic undertaking. 

Léon Poliakovs
 For Poliakov, “No document remains, perhaps none has ever existed”.

Georges Wellerses
For Wellers the Nazi gas chambers were the greatest of possible secrets, a “State secret”.

Pierre Vidal-Naquets
In Vidal-Naquet’s view, one must not believe his co-religionist Arno Mayer, the Princeton professor who wrote: “Sources for the study of the gas chambers are at once rare and unreliable” but should trust in Pressac and his theory of “limited gassings”;

Jean-Claude Pressacs
however the same Pressac, as would be discovered later, eventually surrendered in open country, deeming that, “rotten” with too many lies, the official history of the German camps was bound “for the rubbish bins of history”.

Robert Jan van Pelt
For R. J. van Pelt, “the last of the Jewish Mohicans”, Auschwitz-Birkenau, visited by millions of pilgrims, contains no “physical evidence” of an extermination of the Jews.
This is all so confusing. I have relied on the accuracy of Steven Spielberg for years and now I have all this doubt thrown in my face? In these un-certain times I search for certainty, and now I find HolocaustTM being questioned? But not questioned by those horrible little "Holocaust Deniers"...but by the mainstream experts themselves! This is too much!

Faurisson continues to write -
Until recently the general public were still unaware of these “victories of revisionism” (see, with all the necessary references, the two studies I have devoted to the subject, on line respectively at -
But thanks to the Internet and especially thanks to the arrival of a third generation after the monstrous slaughter of 1939-1945, the biggest lies of the victors of the Second World War are beginning to appear in daylight for what they are.  
Can someone please get a emergency psychiatric crew out to Faurissons house! If this were true I'm sure a reliable main stream news source would have told me this news - that there is not a scrap of paper work indicating a massive industrial scale extermination of European Jewery.

Clearly, Spielberg needs to make a movie.

As well as a new and reliable Hollywood movie to bolster the lumpen proletariat's faith in Hollywood received history - "other" measures may need to be taken to maintain moral and "right thinking".

Professor Robert Faurisson..."thinking"


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