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The following long, though detailed and interesting post, explains the circumstances under which I left Iran. I did so with a great deal of sadness. Opportunity lost. You can decide who lost the opportunity. It was originally an email. I never sent it to the lawyer. He recently accused me of a mental decide. Apparently he still thinks I'm in Iran. The Bell Tower Boy charm conquers all. I slipped past the visa section 35 days over. Thank you people are so damned polite....

Dear *****. It's time for a long email that lays out what you have done. Your unacceptable behavior. At times, you're weird behavior. Despite me repeatedly trying to get you to look at yourself all I got was "giggles" and..."whats wrong? What have I done? Why are you so angry?" I think you are either mentally ill, a born sociopath or on drugs - maybe prescription Zoloft. I know this will all come as a complete surprise to you - it always does. A sign of the sociopath, narcissist, is he simply cannot see the world through another's eyes. He cannot reflect on his own behavior and thought patterns. You are over 50 years old. You are, well read, according to you. You have read a few psychology books. You have read, "How To Win Friends And Influence People" I'm sure. Many times.You might want to read some Carl Jung and his work on "The Shadow". Where we present a "nice" persona to the world to get what we want. But, beneath the surface, we are a seething mass of contradictions. You are a seething mass of contradictions. 

 DAVID (HOMAYOUN) T. LASHGARI - Ambulance chasing con artist.
The man has an obvious drug habit and history of fraud. Why did Iran
use this man?

My anger is ultimately based on lack of money and feelings of powerlessness. Because, when the fuck up began, 4 days after I got here the second time - at your invitation - I would have left there and then with a wry smile on my face, "Oh well, I guess that's not meant to be." But I did not have money. I was also determined to give things a go. To give it everything I have. Not just simply remove myself from the situation as I usually do. I gritted my teeth and said, "tomorrow is another day. See past this."

I told you repeatedly I was warned not to go to Iran. That it was at war. Busy with Syria. Busy securing it's borders. Busy doing deals. US election on. I was happy not to go. Was very comfortable in Malaysia. Loving it, just beginning to work up a program to force my case into the High Court - get a lawyer and Crowd Fund the case. But it was nagging at me - "Iran is the peak. The final stage. The last man standing." Mark Glenn told me while I was in jail on a hunger strike in 2012, then president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had said to Press TV contacts my political asylum would be welcomed with, "open arms". That's no small thing. It didn't impress you at all. Maybe you knew something I never knew? So I woke that morning with the words clearly in my head, "I must go to Iran."

You kindly wrote this cover letter for the asylum application. That's ALL you did. Took you 5 minutes. You were in Iran on other business anyway. I had all the back ground information collated and we got together for a printing session which you said was "cheap". So please don't go on about all the "work" you've done.

The first sign of trouble should have been after landing the second time; the three hours to get through the Visa section. Then the piled up baggage - I take it Iranian's at the airport have not been taught, "How not to throw bags in a pile up against a wall?" It makes the average tourist feel a little unwanted. It also might pay to teach a few staff English. It's just that English speakers will bring more English speakers and its the English speakers who will ultimately be dropping bombs on Iran. Most likely very soon. So, if you have more of them visiting, they might tell all their friends about how wonderful Iran is. Iranians told me its not respected to learn English. That the English schools are "crap". Well, if so, someone might want to fix that because Americans will not be learning Farsi any time soon. But they might be dropping bombs soon. Suggestion - learn English.

Then getting into the car. The first words, shouted loudly! "No freedom!" Then the plastic cup of 100 proof vodka shoved in my hand. Sighhhhh, this was the second sign. Drank it though. But only because I was being polite. I tried to explain that there was no freedom in Australia either. Except to shop, get in debt and pay a private banking system back a mortgage for the rest of your life. But apparently, alot of Iranians feel getting plastered in the street is a sure sign of freedom. So be it. These were the people you sent to pick me up. You said the original guy had a sore back and he sent his 'freedom fighters' instead. One cup of vodka at a time.
When you placed me with your sister ****** in Tehran, I was very happy. I was laughing at her inquisitorial mind. A typical woman. She was already lining me up for marriage to a local Iranian girl. I met an Iranian child psychiatrist who was very interesting. I liked your sister. We were not politically aligned but she agreed the first thing I should do is learn the language. We discussed enrolling in an intensive Farsi language course. Keeping busy. 

You suddenly took me away from that and sent me to podunk Khansar where no one spoke English except your other sister - limited - but tolerable. Khansar is nice if you want to hide out or watch the snow fall on the beautiful mountain peaks - but it is positively miserable for a man on a mission with limited time to get it done. I hated it. But what a great place for a B&B.
Your well meaning older sister - under different circumstances - would be a delight. A well read older woman who is living three cultures. Iranian, Swiss and American. She has maintained her Khansar roots. Believes in the revolution and keeping out the worst of western 'liberal' habits. How ever, as you agreed, she is not "all there". Most likely the high doses of cortisol affecting her cognitive function. Affecting memory. She was organizing me to go to Syria; get married to an Iranian girl; convert to Islam. This really pee'd me off. Then dressing me up like a freaking doll and parading me around. Sorry, I was not there for a holiday - or "convert". I was in Iran to "continue doing what you are doing", as the mysterious Mr Javed from the Foreign Office stated. "Doing" meant being online. I could not be online as your sister dragged me from Khansar to Tehran, from Tehran to the Caspian Sea - then back again. On a whim. Seemingly. I thought she was taking orders from you. I thought maybe a limpet mine was about to be attached to the taxi window or something. I just tagged along. What else could I do? You told me you had no idea it was going on.

In the end I had to tell her I could not move around any more. I could not have my face stuffed with food any more as I had the beginning stages of diabetes. I needed stability. I needed a preferably, fast, internet connection. I had obligations to people back in Western Australia who had been feeding me information on corruption in the state. I was meant to make video's, post to my blog. Have a daily online presence. Build my audience up. Yell and scream and rant - from Iran. I'll leave the Noam Chomsky intellectualizing to others. Alex Jones built a multi million dollar empire on ranting and over the top clown antics. The lumpen proletariat don't want a 900 page Chomsky treatise, they want a rock and roll video and they better laugh or at least be mildly entertained. Funny Cat Video's leading the YouTube watch list should be your first clue. I'm a clown - you always get a ranting clown to get the audiences attention. Then you hit them with the facts. Alex Jones does not do Chomsky. Neither do I.

 I lost that online presence in Iran - and later on, you seemed determined to finish the job. But of course your demands to make the perfect "production" always ended with, "But of course, you do what you want to do." Then you would 'pout'. Of course you will deny this, say you meant what you said. You are an alpha male controlling personality though I'm sure you do it for the best interests of your clients. In the end I had to repeatedly tell you - and scream at you with my jaw clenched - that a "continuous online presence" was what was required to draw an audience. In the last eight years I had been online for the grand total of 18 months. But you insisted - every day - that a Hollywood production would have to be done because I was such "star material". I mean...really? Or were you aiming me for a job at Press TV as a reporter as was mentioned? 

Your sister did what she could. Got the internet connected. Then she left. While I waited for you to arrive I got online. But I couldn't - most of the time. Iran requires a VPN to get around the great big kebab firewall of persia. Most of the time mine wouldn't work - a bought and paid for good VPN service. It was continually cut off - a sign of a man in the middle attack - something the software is designed to do. No blogging, no Facebook, no you tube. This was Iran.

Make no mistake, if I had wanted to be offline in Iran - I would have stayed in Western Australia and dropped the subject and hung out with Minister Joe Francis and ex special forces commander James McMahon. Maybe got a job at his IT Penetration Testing company. In hindsight, a much better option. I got out of Australia so I could tell my story - two years offline being accused of mental illness, a personality disorder, being a really pisses you off when you cant correct the record. I had people like that prick Dr Frederick Toben bad mouthing me everywhere he went. The man who tried several times to associate me with white supremacist racist, Jack Van Tongeran. The very man who the legislation was designed for, the legislation I was charged under. Frederick did not do that accidentally - twice - he did it under orders and with me offline had been bad mouthing me ever since. Thats what I wanted to counter - but could not. 
In the above picture we see Dr Frederick Toben standing with Van Tongeran with a painting he had entered into the Archibald Prize. That very same pciture was front and center of an Adelaide Institute Paper where Toben writes to me in a "letter" format and mentions "our friend" JVT. Toben knows JVT is no friend of mine. Previously, Tobens side kick Peter Hartung, had tried to get me to interview Van Tongeran 6 weeks before my trial. He had flown me over without mentioning this - then, just as I was picked up from the airport he states, "Jack is waiting for you. We want you to interview him." I said, "Peter, JVT is an un-repentant violent thug, devoted to racial division and supremacism. I do not think being seen with this man six weeks before my trial is a good thing. Do you?" Well, it got real frosty...and I was glad to leave there a few days later. I had thought Hartung had wanted to talk about utilizing the trial to push knowledge on the persecution and jailing of historical revisionists. Get Toben on the stand. Neither of them were interested. Toben went to the US despite knowing the trial was on. He asked me to play sick to delay it. I refused. I complained to Toben that Hartung had tried to set me up with JVT. Toben apologized and stated Hartung had not thought about that. Well, what did Frederick Toben do two years later? He tried to tie me up with JVT AGAIN with his obviously, specifically, crafted letter insinuating we were all friends. That was not an "accident". Prison staff were so concerned they came to me and warned me about it and gave me a copy of the news letter. So I ask The Revisionist Movement - at great personal cost - I challenged the beast by offering Toben to get on the stand and in front of a jury state what he wanted about "The Holocuast TM" with the full protection of the law, being on the stand. Toben showed little interest. Peter Hartung would not even discuss the subject and appeared specifically disinterested. So, there ya go.

I blasted Toben and never spoke to him again until I sent him an email stating he could have had me badly beaten associating me with such a hardened racist asshole as Van Tongeran. I noted if he wasn't so old I would have thrashed him to within an inch of his life. Toben is known to associate with ASIO. He told me that straight to my face. That they would "pop" over and have a cup of tea and would he be so kind to have a look around Tehran and tell them anything of interest. He stated to me that he always told them they could read it all on his blog? I believe he was trying to get me shifted to protection where I would not have been able to complete my High Court synopsis. This was in 2012. These are the games that have been played - a thousand times. 

Toben also tried to line me up with a 60+ year old woman called "Elaine" who we were all sure he was having sex with. He then claimed that I had treated this woman "badly" when she was trying to help. No, her husband was Military Intelligence and she had an Australian Federal Police friend across the road she knew well enough to borrow clothes from for someone. She was also audited after I was sent to jail and she refused to give me my phone list so I could call reporters in the US. She also told all the people around me that I was insisting on "no visitors" when I was in fact screaming for people to visit me. That's what one woman managed to do - totally destroy me while I was locked away. Had she been a man show would never have walked again and I still might post her full nme and details in the future just for good measure. Toben is weird. I met alot of weird people. I was warned he had tried to seduce revisionist Ernst Zundels wife after Zundel had been put away for six years. Toben claimed Zundel has millions from deceased German estates. I might also add Toben has a "special" friend named Peter Brockscmidt. He is a former East German Military Counter Intelligence Officer who ALSO served in the Israeli Defense Force, I kid you not. I met him, he was quite anti-Israel. I'm sure he is. I think.

When you're forced offline under threat of arrest. When you have a notoriously corrupt state from the Premiere and his dodgy land deal son, to the notorious Western Australian police to the drug addicted dodgy lawyers and sexual deviate pedophile judges. Who do you turn too? Well, Minister Joe Francis of course and his un-abashed, widely known anti-corruption stand. Backed up with an ex SAS special forces commander to boot. But he saw fit to bleat his worries out over the phone to me on October the tenth, 2014 in a 32 minute phone call. Where he stated -

  1. I'm more scared of my own prison officers than I am of the bikies after I stopped their drugs getting into the jail.
  2. My staff are lazy and incompetent. My accounts person cannot tell the difference between $100 million dollars and $1 million dollars in the GPS sex offender tracking budget.
  3. I had to fight tooth and nail to get cameras that record into the Hakea Remand Center punishment unit to stop prison officers beating up prisoners.
  4. I would stand around for 20 minutes in prisons in my suit with Commissioner James McMahon waiting for a prison officer to ask who we were and if they could help. But they were to busy playing angry birds on their phones.
  5. I believe prison officers organized the break in of my home.

And on and on. That call is not in dispute by the Department of Public Prosecutions.

See the above? That's the lawyer telling me the DPP prosecutor does not deny the 32 minute phone call from Minister Joe Francis took place. Now, what did we talk about? The weather? For 32 minutes? I've never had a soul ask me, "Hell! The Minister rang you! Wow! Tell me all about it!" Never. 

I finally got Senior Prosecutor David Thiering to admit to it after yelling at my then lawyer Simon Frietag to demand a phone record from the telecommunications company to prove it took place. Coz that's what you do in legal cases - you apply pressure. You get dirt. You negotiate them down. I threatened with ONE EMAIL to expose the national scandal that is the Stagno/Kovacs/Naumovski murder case. Senior Prosecutor David Thiering got back to me the next day and offered to lower the charge to a "threat to harm" and take it back to the Magistrates Court where there was no chance of jail. The lawyer at the time - Stephen Gabriel - then very kindly did NOTHING and I sacked him. I had told Thiering I wanted to take the deal but it had to go through the lawyer. By the time Simon Frietag came along the new prosecutor Carmel Barbagallo stated, "I don't care if it's been lowered, I will still be asking for jail!" With that, I said lets go to trial then! The chance to end the debacle ended right there because of one NUTCASE prosecutor who is utterly notorious. Simon Frietag told me not to worry about Carmel Barbagallo. He said she ALWAYS asks for jail and goes ahead with cases she cannot possibly win. Frietag told me he continually rings her and says, "Carmel, you cant win this one. You have no evidence. You should discontinue this case." But she doesn't. With no chance of winning she drags people through the courts using up scarce legal resources. Now Legal Aid is out of funding because of idiot nut case lawyers like her.

Judge outrage at prosecutor's 'abuse' of law
A judge has this morning slammed the office of prosecutions for trying to upgrade a charge against a man who has already pleaded guilty to and been convicted of a lesser offence in a lower court.

Judge slams OPP for reneging on accused man's deal
Judge Coghlan refused to accept the indictment, calling it "a fundamental abuse of process".

"The abuse is contained in making the deal and then going back on it," Justice Coghlan said.

"I don't understand how the director (of public prosecutions) would want to come to this case and put as a proposition that he can't be taken for his word."

The softly-spoken Ms Barbagallo was repeatedly interrupted by Justice Coghlan, who said he had not seen an OPP backdown like this in his 42 years in the legal industry.

"My first reaction to this is horror that we can come to his, quite frankly," he said.

But I have to argue and beat down lawyers all day, every day. Then they mouth off I am a "difficult client". No, I just know what I'm doing and who I am fighting and how to win. You lot know how to lie, obfuscate, play the court rules all day and do the work of the relevant establishment when you get the call to do as you are told - not listen to your client. You are a smart little lawyer too - in the recording attached, you are saying..."that's not the training I received..." when I ask you repeatedly to confirm that I had repeatedly requested political asylum was not necessary. That the Iranian government could easily bring pressure to bear on Australia with Australia knowing they were considering political asylum and the embarrassment it would cause. That the behavior of Western Australia is SO BAD, one decent honest lawyer would rip the bastards to bits in five seconds flat. But you just went about things your way. Claiming that's not the way things are done and you didn't receive any "training" in that way - when that IS the way lawyers work all day - doing deals behind the scenes. You lying little prick. I hate lawyers more than I hate the police.

All that was required was to talk to someone from the Iranian government - openly - and honestly. There was no need for political asylum except as a stunt to be used for publicity. My case was so utterly transparent and criminal in nature it would fall apart with the mild intervention of a player like Iran who have decent relations with Australia - Iran's foreign minister and Australia's foreign minister know each other well. I provided detailed documentation of everything. My case is no ordinary case. I'll keep bleating this till I am blue in the face, NEVER, EVER, EVER, in recorded history, has a foreign nation so blatantly, and happily, with the almost full support of local establishment figures, interfered in a local court case as they did with mine. NEVER. N-E-V-E-R. The Friends Of Israel Rally - a "spontaneous" event organized by local Jewish Community organizer and "katsa" or "Case Officer" for Israeli Intelligence, Mr Steven Lieblich The Israeli Ambassador turns up - Yuvel Rotem. Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister - Danny Ayalon - via video link. Australian Foreign Minister - Steven Smith. 30 local and federal members of parliament turned up in person. Over 100 expressed written support for the event. That's over one third of the countries politicians - supporting an event that was a BLATANT criminal contempt of court and international incident. Unheard of - anywhere - any time. I think after the Al Jezeera special on Israel Intelligence infiltration and creating these groups we know how "spontaneous" the FOI rally was ;-) 

Why Is The Media Ignoring My Story? 

Israel's parliamentary plot against UK politicians 

But...none of the above, or ANY detail of it was of any interest to you. I told you over and over again, if you were going to represent my interests you needed to at least skim over the 235 page High Court synopsis. You needed to skim over the 30 page sentencing submissions with the 90+ pages of annexures. It would take you 90 minutes. Just to get an idea of the breadth and scope of what had gone on and the blatant criminality of those involved. How easy it would be to get funding to the High Court of Australia with a lawyer on board. But not you - not interested. To busy. 

High Court synopsis - 2.5MB PDF Document 

Sentencing Submission - 72MB PDF Document 

I told you over and over political asylum is purely a stunt - though certainly deserved. The case was a joke and with just ONE good lawyer and the Iranian state watching they would make the Australian government pull Western Australia and their corrupt police and judiciary into line. Drop their ridiculous prosecutions and fund my case to the High Court. Israel sure had no problem "applying pressure" on a court case? Maybe I should convert? I would be quiet - go to university. Pull down the blog. Jews would be removed from the racial vilification legislation in Australia, without question. We won that directions hearing back in 2010 under Judge McCann on jews not eligible for the legislation. John Bougher - my lawyer - turned to me in total surprise and said, "Dear God! We are going to win!" This was after comments stated by Judge McCann as he left to make a ruling. He said, "Some very interesting things have been said here today. But, if the expert witnesses stack up, I will have no choice but to proceed to trial." The next thing that needed to be said by my then lawyer was, "Your honor, clearly the expert witnesses do not stack up. Professor Of Jewish Civilization Studies Professor Andrew Marcus and his 'report' are pure hearsay and totally inadmissible. It simply states what he claims are the views of jews who are not on the stand, under oath or even identifiable under a anonymous questionnaire. Rabbi Dovid Frielich is also totally hearsay evidence, commenting on what he 'thinks' a jew is and is not as a member of the Orthodox jewish congregation of Perth, Western Australia. From the evidence you have seen your honor that jews can never be considered a race or ethnic grouping under any common sense application of the legislation." And that would have been that. But I said no to John. "Lets go to trial. Get everything on the record." But they were never going to allow me to get anything on the record. And for the record, the man who prosecuted me, Antony Eyers, stated to me four years later he agreed that there was no way they should be under the legislation. 

Hidden Video Of Trial 

The above is an important issue as the United States tries to install similar legislation - "conduct likely to offend." But it's not of much interest to you. You're too tired. You have a business to run back in the US. You have mouths to feed. Then go away and get me a lawyer who isn't tired. Since when is it about YOU? Its about 300,000 dead Syrians and total destruction of that countries infrastructure over large swathes of it. Its about 2 million dead Iraqi's and incalculable suffering of these people at multiple levels down to the long term side effects of depleted uranium - deliberately seeded like Rome would "salt the earth" of those who would oppose it. Its about 70,000 dead Afghani's and US "kill squads" and opium poppy fields. Why is it all about YOU? Who are you? Where did they pull you from and why have you cost me nearly $2000 and two months of my time? You put this RIDICULOUS note over my head where I worked from, I was fuming -
Let us caste our minds back a while. A "blind" Chinese dissident. Annoyed the Chinese government one to many times. Ran from his 'house arrest' and made it to the American Embassy. After a stand off he was given political asylum in the US and a university placement. I can just imagine his hosts (who were Jewish btw) putting a note like the one pictured above, above his head. 

‘The Barefoot Lawyer’: Q&A With Blind Chinese Activist Chen Guangcheng

Your excuse for that note was that it will require money for "the staff" and the "office space" etc. Heck, why shoot so low? What about a ballistic missile and a centrifuge too? We can run it in the basement. Don't think so small David. But watch for USB thumb drives from traveling salesmen. Are you for real? I was thinking of a few English speaking Uni students. Maybe a guy or gal with experience in web design and Adobe After Effects - working as "interns". Forgive me, I'm a humble man with humble expectations.

You called me "mutha fucker". I recorded you all that morning. Because I knew people would not believe what I had been putting up with. You are a smooth Pierre lawyer who complained I would be more grateful if I was "paying". Mate, I NEVER asked for you. YOU begged me to come! And I have those phone calls and emails. "This is not the way we do things in Iran," you said, with regards being left in the hotel to rot.  "Please get on a plane as soon as possible!" You might of added I would not be posting alot online except your approved hollywood style productions and I would have to ditch all my online friends as a man of my "star appeal" does not interact with the public. YOU said that, closely paraphrased. 

You learn't well young Jedi from your "Jewish mentor" as you stated frequently. He's a "good guy" and you'd hate to upset him with all that info I was giving you on Orthodox Judaism would you? No, you would not want to upset poor precious Chosen Persons. Lets just let their brethren keep on killing all over the Middle East and don't call them out on their psychotic religion of racism and hate - it might upset "Chosen People". How come they know all about this in Pakistan, America, England, Europe, Malaysia the Middle East...but not Iran? Am I missing something here? You can buy books in Pakistan - "Israel Did 9-11". Malaysians will talk about it at the drop of a hat - in 2012 they had a "Israel Did 9-11" conference. It only cost them two missing Malaysian Airlines aircraft - you know those aircraft fly themselves - literally. Cheap at half the price, but Iranians seem blissfully ignorant and un-interested. 

Maybe you are just too damned nice? The Malays are a feisty people. Their 20+ year PM Dr Mahattir Mohammad helped make it that way - but you don't even know who he is do you? That surprised me. The legendary high level leader with balls of steel who came right and said Israel did 9-11 and "Jews" were deceiving people into fighting their wars for them. A 2003 speech that will go down in history. One you missed. You missed the 2012 "Revisiting 9-11 Conference" conference too in KL. Dr Mahathir took on Soros in 1997 - well before the current crop of people who want Soros arrested as a "menace". This quote from 1997 - 

Lashing out at currency traders like Mr. Soros as ''morons,'' Mr. Mahathir castigated them on Saturday as ''a group of ultra-rich people.''
''For them wealth must come from impoverishing others,'' Mr. Mahathir said, ''from taking what others have in order to enrich themselves. Their weapon is their wealth against the poverty of others.''
While not mentioning Mr. Soros by name -- although in previous comments to newspapers in Malaysia, Mr. Mahathir specifically blamed Mr. Soros for orchestrating Malaysia's economic crisis -- he told the assembled bankers and economists that Mr. Soros's ilk had to be stopped.
''I am saying that currency trading is unnecessary, unproductive and totally immoral,'' Mr. Mahathir declared. ''It should be stopped. It should be made illegal. We don't need currency trading.''

Dr. Mahathir bin Mohammad's Full Speech

Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir bin Mohammad 2003 on "The Jews" 

I'm sure Colonel "H" knows all about the enemy too. You translated for me, "That ideology has no place in this world." Meaning Orthodox Judaism. Maybe Col "H" should be President? At least the "barefoot" President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Something might get done. Maybe too many Swiss bank accounts out there and "nice liberal lefty progressive banking jews" giving to many assurances to the Tajrish Swiss Alps ski'ing crowd that their Swiss bank accounts are safe if they will just ensure no one mentions..."The Jews". At least "Orthodox Jews" and their psycho racist, homicidal, ethnic cleansing based religion that wants to rule the world from Jerusalem. Hey! Their words not mine. Don't shoot the messenger - or maybe just ignore him. Keep trying to make him a travelogue producer and wannabe Croc Hunter. Yeh, keep doing that. That will defeat Israel and the homicidal rabbinate. Any other side shows and dark narrow alley's you'd like to take me down David? Or was that an overly narrow alley but well lit - because you said I had "star material". What, you running a casting couch? You said at the gym words to me like, "I bet you are glad to be hanging around a masculine man." I cant even remember the context, I just remember thinking, "Is this guy gay? I thought 'The Good Doctor' said their were no gays in Iran?" What the hell was that about? Are you on drugs David? Coke? Meth? Zoloft? Dex-amphetamine? What are you on? Or just borderline functional bi-polar? You cant see it can you? But you called me "mentally ill" just an hour ago - 

Mate, I'm not in Iran. No, I don't need the 90 day extension. I got through the visa section with a $60USD fine, 35 days over stay. Luck O' The Irish I expect. Guy on desk could not believe it. Thanks to Colonel H perhaps? I think I'll post all of that exchange later with all the details. I get really annoyed when people call me mentally ill - especially someone who was mumbling in-coherently on January 24th and barely able to peel a carrot. You lie and exaggerate so much I lost count. Remember when you stated at the Rafsanjani funeral procession how you shouted down some protestors? No you didn't. You made a fool of yourself and a religious cleric asked you to stop.

I do think I have a theory now on all the "mass migration" of alleged Muslims into Europe. Part of the deal NOT to mention "The Jews" and Orthodox Judaism from the liberal, progressive, lefty jew banker set in Europe, is that if the Islamic elite say nothing, they get a Swiss Bank account and the perceived added bonus of filling the ghetto's of Europe with their poor and desperate. This works for lefty, progressive, liberal banker jews in Europe because they can set Muslim against Christian. Muslims get the fantasy that they are out breeding the people who seem to love throwing bombs and depleted uranium at them and a little revenge for Syria and Iraq...everyone is happy. Except the majority white Christians who Jews feel to be the bigger threat when they find out who took their Christmas tree's and Nativity Scenes and their tax dollars and their dignity after they gave them all that hospitality. German Christians may do worse when they find out the truth and the guilt trip that has been laid upon them, not to mention the black mail payments.  "The Jews" never forget - especially that Jew called Jesus who called the Jewish Elite out..."Children of hell, sons of your father the devil!" They will just never forget that. Some of us Christians also don't forget. And sanctions? What sanctions?
If I had a dollar for every Porsche I saw in Tajrish I'd have enough for a couple of cappuccino's a day and they aint cheap in Tajrish. I want to start a new "meme". When you are doing really well despite all the odds you say, "Sanctioned baby! Iran style!" No one gets credit other than me. Prices in the shops on luxury goods, computers, technology, phones - same price as Australia. Not bad for the masters of the Silk Road. Someone tell Donald to try harder. All those cranes, building. Sanctions? Ballistic missiles and centrifuges? Sanctions? But...

Lets just hijack one of those Tajrish Alfa Romeo's and sell it in Serbia at a good price. That will fund the first phase of the conferences. No need to put a ballistic missile on hold or lose a few pounds of uranium. Done. Worth it's weight in 20 nuclear warheads. As former President of the Barefoot South Tehran Republic once said, "This is the age of peace and dialogue, not bullets and bombs." The Good Doctor is right. Let him have a second term. Clearly being "moderate" to 'lefty liberal nice banker jews" in Europe is not working. Let Mr Ahmadinejad do his thing. This time no holocaust conference...just the facts that come from their own racist, supremacist, potty mouths. Its like stealing a Talmud from a blind, deaf and dumb Yeshiva student. Dead easy. You never know when you'll be short of toilet paper.

And the hours and hours of your speeches on the great ancient persian culture of the last 4000 years. It is indeed interesting David, but it wont defeat Israel. You probably did not notice this but after you had wafted on long enough I would interject with, "You know the Rabbi's regularly call non Jews their 'slaves' and call for the death of men, woman and children according to their holy books that include specific instructions on killing new born babies to make sure the entire race is wiped out. They call people they want to wipe from the face of the earth 'Amelakites' which is taken from the Jewish Old Testament 'Book Of Samuel 1' and elaborated upon in detail in the Babylonian Talmud, Shulkan Aruk and Zohar. It calls for the genocide of all enemies of The Jews so that their military messiah will 'incarnate' and The Jews will rule as a 'master race' from Jerusalem and be a 'light unto the Gentiles'. But if they (Gentiles/Goy/Cattle) refuse ruler ship of The Jews, they are to be wiped from the face of the earth. Their words not mine.
RABBI OVADIA YOSEF: "The Rabbi For All Jews". Bigger than "The Pope". Where is the western media? 

It seems the Palestinians and Iraqi's and almost the Syrians were practice. Well, it took me a while and muchos teeth grinding but FINALLY I got your attention on that one. I think it was when I mentioned the conversion process for a female to orthodox Judaism, where she lies naked in a "Mikvah" - bath of water cleansing water - and two Rabbi's (not one but two because they like to be thorough) get to stick a white cloth in her vagina to make sure she is not menstruating. One might wonder what the cry throught the land might be David, if this was the conversion practice for a female to Islam? But of course, only the crazy brave will take on Orthodox Judaism. The majority (%80) of religious jews. Easier to club Islam when we're not clubbing them with Daisy Cutters and 19 yer olds on meth with M-16's with their functionally autistic Marine Corp privates, damaged from vaccines and online gaming.

Like the British Army circa 1915, it took 50,000 casualties but I advanced one intellectual mile through the mud. A great victory. I think.

Finally, after weeks of screaming, you appeared to organize with the Persian Gulf Studies Center, something along the lines of an Israeli Intelligence conference in Tehran. I almost cried. Thank you Lord! So, I busy myself with a video announcing the event and the need for organizers and a beginning dialogue. I contact Dr Alan Sabrosky, former head of the US Army War College. A guy you have never heard of despite him being a regular guest on Press TV. I guess you missed his appearances. He was dead keen. I told him I was an "instigator" and not an "organizer" but I would get the ball rolling because it seems NO ONE in IRAN has heard of Christopher Bollyn, Dr Steve Pieczenik and Dr Alan Sabrosky. I guess if they had they would of organized a conference pronto. Here's our interaction - his responses redacted -

Persian Gulf Studies Center

The dream began, "A conference on this subject first. Then a conference on Orthodox Judaism as the foundation for the racist, homicidal apartheid state of Israel. Michael Hoffman and Reverend Ted Pike leading. E. Michael Jones close behind. A bunch of Revisionist in there too maybe. Dr Tony Martin on 2/3rds of all slave owners in the American South being "jews", acting on their religious instructions and 'The Curse Of Ham.'" You think Press TV or the Persian Gulf Studies Center might do a story on that? No, of course not. You might "offend" precious "jews".  

Dr. Tony Martin & David Irving - The Jewish Role In The African Slave Trade

All I had to do was hang on till you left so you would not be constantly distracting me, looking over my shoulder, telling me how the video should go and talking loudly even when I put my head phones on to make the point I WAS WORKING! Trying to work out how to use the insanely complicated Adobe After Effects 17 so those graphical effects would maybe bring a crowd. How would you like it if, as you studied a complex legal matter, I kept interjecting, giving advice, making grand plans as to how the project will go? How would you like it? I tell ya what, if I need a complex legal suit begun I will come to you. If you want an event organized at the level of who should come and the basic theme - come to me. Because you don't have a clue about the subject I have been living, breathing, bleeding for and suffering broken bones and imprisonment over for 17 years. Defer to me. If I want your damned opinion I'll ask for it. Just find me someone who speaks English. Because that's the people you have to convince NOT to bomb you into oblivion. More Iranians might want to learn it.

The fact Iranians seem to want to convince the world what a wonderful culture you really are shows how utterly out of touch your academic, intellectual, political and religious elite are. The homicidal, nut case Rabbi's of Israel have been lobbing atom bomb grenades at you without pulling the pins. You can throw right back but you all missed it. Why are you on the back foot, defending yourself from the zionist controlled western media? They lie, we know that. But Israel and Orthodox Judaism are a filthy rat bag group of psychopaths that actually brag about it. They are giving it away! And what are you all doing about it? Well, nothing. You said you were worried about "offending" your "loyal Iranian Jews". Press TV is scared of losing it's satellite again for two years, apparently.

When will the Ayatollah simply order/suggest Michael Hoffmans "Judaism Discovered" be translated into Farsi and Arabic. THAT would be a good start.

How about Arabic and Farsi subtitles on the Reverend Ted Pikes excellent video's - "The Other Israel" and "Why The Mid East Bleeds". That would be a good start. Then get Press TV to start a long line of investigative pieces on Orthodox Judaism and how the Rabbinate in Israel order the killing of men, women and children and "nursing babies". How about that? How about the Israeli Kill (Defense) Force chief doing religious spells with the utterly notorious (not Biggie) Chabad Lubavitcher Ultra Orthodox Hasidim for the protection of IDF troops during Operation Kill Palestinian Civilians Men Women And Children And Nursing Infants - I mean Caste Lead. Its all online in living color. Its not a secret. Except in Iran.

How about that Russian "pretend jew" Israeli politician, who stated the mothers of Palestinian resistance fighters should be killed. Believe me, when you have labelled the Mothers to be "killed", you have labelled the Palestinians "Amalek". She did not get that piece of "logic" from the sky. She got it from the Jewish Old Testament and Babylonian Talmud - the religion of "peace and tolerance". Then we have Hannah Kasher, Israeli academic researcher from Bari Lam University, Tel Aviv, stating in an academic paper that you can justify the killing of "innocent" men women and even children in the war against the Palestinians (Amalek) by the application of Jewish holy books from the religion of "peace and tolerance". 

Those FEW examples (thank you Michael Hoffman) give you the DIRECT APPLICATION of Jewish Religious Law from the religion of peace and tolerance onto a set of human beings who stand in the way of a few peaceful Jews and their military messiah and Greater Israel.  Stop calling it the "Zionist State". It's the "Jewish State". Please listen to British Jewish activist Paul Eisen -

The crime against the Palestinian people is being committed by a Jewish state with Jewish soldiers using weapons displaying Jewish religious symbols, and with the full support and complicity of the overwhelming mass of organised Jews worldwide. But to name Jews as responsible for this crime seems impossible to do. 

Hitler screamed from the podium, "Woe to he who is weak!" Indeed. And "woe to he/she who has been labelled Amalek". That's all of us who wont submit to the fraudsters from the back alleys of Kracow Poland pretending to be "semites" in the Middle East. They are the victims of the Rabbi's and the ghetto system they insisted were put in place so they could control "jews" - who just wanted to marry a blonde haired German beer hall beer server and become Catholic, or Communist. So no one should tell you 'Israel" is not controlled by the Rabbinate. It is Jewish religious law (halakah) that decides who is a Jew and who can make "Aliyah" (Ascend) to Israel. Preferably blonde haired blue eyed Russians with a PHD in physics and CPU and software design - who are actually Orthodox Christians pretending to be "jewish" so they can lay on the fine sand of a Tel Aviv beach and take plenty of XTC and meth and coke at the excellent Tel Aviv night clubs.

The running joke in Occupied Palestine is that half of the "jews" managing the checkpoints for the Israeli Kill (Defense) Force are Orthodox Christians from Russia, asking for blessings from the Russian Orthodox priests as they walk through. Even a hardened Ruskie needs some beach time in the harsh Russian winter. And besides, it's great for Israel's "image" as in being "Judeo-Christian" and "just like America". All the better to convince Americans and Europeans and British people that the Jews of Occupied Palestine's fight to thieve Semitic lands is a 'just' fight and also the fight of "white Christians" who value their "Judeo-Christian" heritage and democracy and "orderly transfer of political power". 

The grand irony is that these people are the sworn enemies of Christ and Christians. They have vast Rabbinic Academies (Yehsiva's) dedicated to teaching young "jews" how to hate Christ, call Him a "bastard" and His Mother a "whore". They finish up with Jesus "boiling in hot excrement in hell", justly pondering His crimes. They spit in the faces of the Orthodox Christian priests in Occupied Palestine. They punch them. They strip search the Russian Orthodox Monks for fun as they come through the airport. They break the Church windows. They spit on the Cross when they see it. They "curse" all Christians when they see a Cross. Muslims revere Christ as a "Great Prophet" and His Mother as "Blessed". The ones in Dubai and Kuala Lumpur and Tehran who put up Christmas Tree's and nativity Scenes while Jews all over the world demand they be taken down! Then the cunning "Jews" who play Muslim Cleric demanding Christians be killed and Cross's taken down. All those "secular" and "communist" and "atheist" JEWS who run the "Atheists For The Removal Of All Religious Symbolism From Government And Public Buildings". Read up on your Soviet era jewish communists and their tactics in Russia and the Ukraine - demanding the pulling down of Cross's from the side of roads that commemorated the war dead. Who do you think was asking for that? Muslims?

The jig is up and I wish you luck *****. I hope your government in Iran cease "playing dumb" and just go in for the kill. To not do so now will make alot of people wonder about who is running the show here and how such an educated and progressive population of academics and others can be so dead bones stupid and ignorant while a goat herder in Pakistan and Afghanistan knows Israel did 9-11 and Jews hate Christians - if they are Orthodox and/or secular communist. You missed it. But then, to be fair, where are the Catholic Academics and Russian, Greek, Romanian, Serbian Orthodox Christian Academics and priests? They KNOW all of this stuff too. But they are not about to be possibly bombed to oblivion if Trump does not turn on his handlers first. I'd get "conferencing" ASAP.

I was just in the beginning stages of organizing a conference on the subject of Israeli Intelligence activity. Their domination of databases and the high technology sector. The movement of the American Silicon Valley sector to Israel and "Silicon Wadi".

I'd made contact with Dr Alan Sabrosky and I began a video to publicize it. I'll finish it up and post it for the content - maybe someone else wants to organize a conference there. Here is one of my final comments to Dr Sabrosky...
There is something wrong with Iran. They seem extremely reluctant to go for the throat on issues of Jewish racial and religious supremacism and Israeli Intelligence activity. Maybe there are to many Swiss bank accounts I do not know. The Intel guys seem onto it but all this lawyer guy wants me to do is have a travel show. I am distinctly uncomfortable here.
Right now, I don't have time nor the energy to convince you or the Iranian government of anything anymore. I don't have time for trench warfare. A stressful victory, one bout of cortisol inducing stress hormone - cancer causing bout of frustrate rage at a time - dealing with you is something I cannot afford at 46. I've had eight years of it. I beat probable cancer last year with the ketogenic diet and I am not going to allow it back. I want to get married and start a family on my hippy Christian commune/kibbutz with permaculture garden at Israelite Bay in the isolated south of Western Australia. OT Jews and Muslims welcome. Just have a sense of humor and irony and don't tell me how to video edit.

This email is of course not meant to educate you. You are past educating. This email is going to those people at the Persian Gulf Study Center and Press TV. I am not going to let you control the battle field narrative after I have left it.

Have a nice day.



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