Last 12 Months Of My Pay Pal Account

In case people thought I was living it up.

I am looking to rent a room at half the cost and four times as nice. With a kitchen. I could probably live on $150 a week - max. Comfortably with bills.

I never intended to stay this long. I thought 4-6 weeks. Hotel is the biggest killer - $150 week. $15 a day on food and coffee. Coffee costs the same as Australia - $5. Look, this is my BIGGEST extravagance - coffee. I don't drink, smoke, party. I do nothing but go for a walk for three hours and go to a couple of cafes - that's my treat. I don't waste a cent - except on coffee...then back to windowless hotel room [cue violin].

I will decide to head back to Oz in the next 2-3 weeks after I speak to lawyers who have, unfortunately, not had the time to go over anything. We need to know if Western Australia will fund the case or they are going to play hard ball. They should fund it, but this is Western Australia. 

There is a new Labor (Socialist) government in power in Western Australia. They will come under pressure BUT, they freakin HATE Netanyahu and they have no time for sick, twisted Rabbinic Rabbi's and their filth and depravity. They are also keen to clean out the corruption in the state.

I have a few more video's to go - especially one encouraging people to get out on the street. Then corruption in Western Australia - I have some beuties for people. Then I have to focus on either risking a return to Australia - or - staying on in Kuala Lumpur.

Many thanks to people who donated these last two weeks. I will get the screenshots up shortly. I have to ring PayPal every time to get into my account. A 30 minute phone call every time. They have whacked a security alert on my account. It still works - but I have to ring every time till I return to Oz. They are doing this so they can track me. This is the only reason they leave the PayPal alone. I am a "person of interest". Ironically, when in Iran using a VPN, PayPal worked fine.

Many thanks:

James $50AUS - 10, April - "Good job."
Paula $103AUS - 10, April
Mikael $56AUS - 10, April - "have some money you Aussie Mick I love your video's."
Lincoln $100AUS - 10,April - "Take care brother, I'm gonna get the word out for you and I'm looking into what you suggested and starting up a YouTube channel - thank you for your dedication-a friend from ......."
Roger $50AUS - 10, April
Scott $12AUS - 3, April
Alexander $125AUS - 3, April 
Ginette $50AUS 2, April
James $25USD - 2, April - "Keep the faith".
Kim $100AUD - 2, April

Many thanks again. Will contact everyone asap. I have to get new donors email off PayPal today when I get through on the phone in my ritualistic phone call. 

This little foray into the Far East is not going to last forever. I hope people understand I don't take these donations for granted. Heading back to Australia is my preferred option. I have some good political contacts now and I want to move from online armchair general activism to hitting the streets in Canberra and Sydney. Knocking on politicians doors with people who do it for a living. Hitting the streets of Sydney - getting out the front of hypocrite Jewish community groups that claim to fight racism and injustice while ignoring the fact Israel and Orthodox Judaism is the most disgusting violator of the planets most basic civil tenants. The heads and employees of these powerful Jewish groups are ALL "Orthodox Jews" which makes them doubly disgusting. I want to get in their face over this and encourage others to do so too. You can imagine Western Australia will be pressured by these Jewish groups to extradite me back to Western Australia. I will be the most unmanageable, un co-operative prisoner God ever made. I know how to do this. I terrorized them last time and in 2012 I was being "co-operative". Just wait till I'm "un-cooperative".

There is no depth of depravity I will not sink to to win and motivate you to hit the streets. If I have to fling my own human waste around the jail, hunger strike, totally refuse to follow instructions, I will do so. You have no idea how much paper work and work it makes for the jail. 

In the jail - the pain in the arse prisoners always get what they want. Always. They never tell you that. And I love being a pain in the arse.

They will try the mental health act and that wont work either.

So, if Western Australia wants a are gonna get one.

I know ALL the dirt on Western Australia and I will be doing detailed video's soon. Stay tuned...

Many thanks again for the support. I'm sorry if I have not gotten back to you. Keep emailing me.


NEW TOTAL TO MARCH 25TH = $300+. HAVE $1,270

NEW TOTAL TO MARCH 13TH, 2017 = $600. HAVE $1,200 

Bank Account -

The aim is to hit $2000 and just maintain $200 per week. 

I will let me people know who the lawyers are shortly and do an interview with one of them. When the accounts are set up properly we can begin to crowd fund the lawyers fees to around $20,000. However, the fact is Legal Aid Western Australia should be paying for this. So, we will wait and see about that.
I am looking at work teaching English. This is a chance to network locally as well. However, I have to prioritize getting my full case on the record and every thing that has happened. I have been distracted by current events. I have to get back on track.

There are many options. The most important thing is people can see what monies I am getting. 

I have many interviews lines up. I note the gremlins are out - Press TV supporters. Press TV are a fraud - full of "Jews". Literally. The greatest concentration of Jews outside Israel are in Iran.

To all the people that put their Press TV appearances ahead of The Truth. Well, it is not going to sit well. Malaysia, in 2012 had a huge 9-11 and Israel conference. But not Iran? Iran is almost at war. You'd think they would be chamfing at the bit to expose Jewish Supremacism and the likes of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef utilizing ALL of the massive budget Press TV has as a first class organ on the Iranian state which is busy building tunnels and ballistic missiles - but wont utilize the greatest missile of all - grass roots knowledge of the filth and depravity of Jewish supemacism.

We must ask why it is I had to scream to organize a simple conference on 9-11 and the israeli high technology sector? The lawyer and his gang positively had a FIT when I told them about Orthodox Judaism and the need for a conference with Ted Pike, Michael Hoffman, Imran Housein, Bishop Williamson etc.
Iran is either dead bones, criminally stupid - or something else is at work.

Mr Parsepoir, one of the gentleman from The Persian Gulf Studies was translated to me as saying Press TV went after Orthodox Judaism and lost their satellite for two years. Its an Israeli satellite. Which begs the question - who rented the Israeli satellite?  

What was that prophecy again about 70,000 "Jews" coming from the East?


PayPal latest -

Bank balance - till Feb 17. (Will update shortly) -

Previous, old PayPal - last 12 months -

Thank you very much!

That's me covered for the next 5 weeks - food and board. But there are still things to get.

Please keep donating no matter how much money I get. I do not drink, smoke, party or even fornicate...I live and breathe this issue. It has taken over my life and I have no choice but to fight on. Tell me someone else who has sacrificed as much as myself? I have been offered money, comforts, and easy out of jail card and I refused every time. They would not give me parole - I refused to say sorry...on principal. Sometimes, believe me, I wish I had taken the offers to shut up and go to Uni.

More money = more power. I do not waste a single cent - except on my daily large latte in tourist area which is $5 AUS.

I also have the worry that the Australian authorities can end my bank account or PayPal account at any time. I don't think they will. As long as they know I'm coming back. Besides, they want to keep an eye on me, where I am and what I'm doing so I suspect the accounts will be ok....but I have to prepare for them to go because they have blocked my PayPal before.

I spend roughly $10-$12 a day on food and a large latte - which is my treat. I get out of the room and walk a while into the city center and film. I do not buy alcohol or anything extraneous.

Thank you again. Its a huge weight off my shoulders the latest donations :-)


 I also immediately email people. If you have not received an email from me confirming...I do not know why.

Please email me to confirm -


UPDATED - 1-March-2017

Grand total since leaving Perth to Malaysia and Iran - $3450.

Over 5 months.

$690 per month.

$172 per week.

Most on airfares and hotel accommodation.

Please donate -

PayPal -

Bit Coin -

If you cannot afford too then please spread my links around on Facebook, Twitter and forums.

Many thanks.


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