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INTERVIEW WITH MIKE HERZOG - THE AMERICAN AWAKENING - "Events leading to Brendon O’Connell arrest and experiences at his trial"



"To call what happened incredible is an understatement. The lawyers did nothing (literally) for six months in total. They did nothing for four months with $10,000 deposited in the trust account. Each blamed the other. They should BOTH be struck off."
Me thinks DFAT - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Foreign Office and Julie Bishop had something to do with this. See bottom of page.

Instructing solicitor Kevin Foley stated six times in a recorded call (below) that he feared for his safety and that of his staff. I told him to contact DFAT and ask for protection from...THE ISRAELI STATE! Kevin is a high profile well known instructing solicitor in Australia. This isn't ME saying I'm scared - this is a high level legal professional who has friends who have been activists in Palestine.

Here is a picture of instructing solicitor Kevin Foley -
Kevin has done some very high profile cases and is respected throught Australia.…