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"To call what happened incredible is an understatement. The lawyers did nothing (literally) for six months in total. They did nothing for four months with $10,000 deposited in the trust account. Each blamed the other. They should BOTH be struck off."
Me thinks DFAT - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Foreign Office and Julie Bishop had something to do with this. See bottom of page.

Instructing solicitor Kevin Foley stated six times in a recorded call (below) that he feared for his safety and that of his staff. I told him to contact DFAT and ask for protection from...THE ISRAELI STATE! Kevin is a high profile well known instructing solicitor in Australia. This isn't ME saying I'm scared - this is a high level legal professional who has friends who have been activists in Palestine.

Here is a picture of instructing solicitor Kevin Foley -
Kevin has done some very high profile cases and is respected throught Australia.…