"To call what happened incredible is an understatement. The lawyers did nothing (literally) for six months in total. They did nothing for four months with $10,000 deposited in the trust account."

Me thinks DFAT - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Foreign Office and Julie Bishop had something to do with this. See bottom of page.

Instructing solicitor Kevin Foley stated six times in a recorded call (below) that he feared for his safety and that of his staff. I told him to contact DFAT and ask for protection from...THE ISRAELI STATE! Kevin is a high profile well known instructing solicitor in Australia. This isn't ME saying I'm scared - this is a high level legal professional who has friends who have been activists in Palestine.

Here is a picture of instructing solicitor Kevin Foley -
Kevin has done some very high profile cases and is respected throught Australia.

Here is a previous detailed blog posting prior to sacking the lawyers for gross misconduct.

Out of the $10,000 deposited from part of the 5 BTC donated, the lawyers did - nothing - literally - for 5 months until I sacked them on 9th of January 2018.

Here is a picture of Queensland QC Anthony Morris.
Here are his chambers and details -

They did not even order the appeal and trial transcript. They did not give me a "letter of engagement". Whilst in jail in New Zealand, solicitor Kevin Foley is asking my immigration lawyer to ask me for the points of law for the appeal - you think I'm making this up don't you?

Read the above email dated 11 November 2017. This is over 2 months since they received $10,000 into the trust account.

If you know the law, you know this is un-ethical and downright pathetically sloppy. But it gets worse. Below is an email from top Queensland Q.C Anthony Morris - his clerk. Callum Thwaites. Note the date - 14th September, 2017. He is stating they are onto it and will have the draft appeal ready soon for me and instructing solicitor Kevin Foley to go over -
On 9/14/2017 2:13 PM, Calum Thwaites wrote:
Hi Brendon,

Just a quick email updating you on Mr Morris QC’s progress.

We are at the stage where we are working on the drafting of the special leave application to the High Court of Australia. This requires articulation of reasons why the application is being filed out of time and then articulation on why special leave should be granted. The drafting of the application is probably the most critical component, as if we don’t get it right it can be all over.

Once we have a substantive draft it will be sent to Kevin and yourself for feedback.

Kind regards,

Calum Thwaites
Managing Clerk - Anthony J.H. Morris, QC
Level - 7, Inns of Court
107 North Quay
Brisbane  Qld  4000

T 07 3221 3996       E morrissec@qldbar.asn.au

Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation

Just two months later, on the 11th of November 2017, I am being asked by instructing solicitor Kevin Foley to provide for a paid for QC the points of appeal. Do you see the madness? I doubt this has ever happened - ever.

They do not even have the appeal transcript - the first thing that should have been done. But in the above email, QC Anthony Morris's clerk is saying they are right onto it. They had at that time - not even looked at an appeal transcript. I had provided a mountain of detailed documents that gave the full outline of the case and philosophical background.



The above document was done under extreme conditions in a maximum security jail with prison security hovering over me. It is an excellent starting point to understand the incredible nature of what has happened. I had a badly broken untreated arm the first two weeks of starting it.

The above xray is 2 months post break. The xray taken 1 month post break was "disappeared" from my property on transfer from Albanay Regional Prison to Wooroloo Prison Farm. The xray taken at Royal Perth Hospital after my assault in jail was "disappeared" and NEVER acknowledged by the hospital despite it being the first xray they took. People should ask 2IC of the WA prison system medical department Dr Sherelle Fitzclarenz about that. She is a 7th Day Adventist. Very close to Masonry - tied. The prison system is FULL of Freemasons in WA. So, the next time someone talks about "bad" countries with "bad" political and social systems - come to me. I'll tell you all about Western Australia and what goes on in the prisons and police.

Here is the 8 day trial transcript from 2011. It was a ground breaking trial - many important points raised and discussed. You must ask why it is, despite having an Orthodox Rabbi on the stand from Jerusalem none of the Revisionist Movement ask me a damned question or show the slightest interest? Or the fact I had a professor of Jewish studies on the stand and he said some amazing things - not a PEEP of interest, from anyone.


Here is a long document detailing what happened when I threatened to kill a prison officer (Liam Samuel Cahsman) after he organised my beating in jail with his organised crime contacts. I had emailed the Minister in charge of prisons - Joe Francis - and stated if he did not force his staff to investigate I would kill the man. Joe Francis rang me that night - the 10th of October 2014 - and told me how scared he was of his own prison officers. Here is what he said:

  1. His staff were so incompetent, his accountant in charge of the $900 million dollar prisons budget did not know the difference between $1 million dollars and $100 million dollars for the GPS sex offender tracking budget.
  2. He had to fight tooth and nail to get camera's that record into the Hakea Remand Center punishment section to stop prison officers beating up prisoners.
  3. For fun he and Commissioner James McMahon would rock up to a prison unannounced and stand around in their suits waiting for some one to notice them. Staff were to busy playing Angry Birds on their phones to notice them.
  4. The Minister believed prison officers organized the break in of his home - we all know they did.
  5. The Minster said he and I, and commissioner James McMahon, would have a beer and I had nothing to fear about telling him about what I saw in the jail over three years - and I saw plenty. He said specifically ex Special Forces Commander James McMahon "had his back".
  6. He was more scared of his own prison officers than he was of the bikies after he stopped their drugs getting into the jail.
The Minister required an ex special forces commander to "watch his back" when he took on police and prison officer corruption. Since the Minister lost his seat, the jails have returned to being full of drugs yet again. The Minister was threatened 10 days later via a security scare on the grounds of parliament house.

The W.A Department of Public Prosecutions (D.A) admit the call took place between myself and the Minister. "Mr Thiering" is the Senior Prosecutor handling my joke charges - Threat to Kill.

I ask you, James McMahon is a very well connected man in the countries security and intelligence community - sits on many boards of corporations - a decorated special forces commander. Yet corrupt police and prison officers (Masons) had no problem sending a GPS tracked seriel sex offender to threaten him on the grounds of parliament house 10 days after our very frank call. Remember, he noted his accounting staff were so incompetent they did not know the difference between $1 million dollars and $100 million dollars for the GPS tracked sex offender budget.

For more incredible information of the massive corruption in Western Australia read this blog post -

Here are the sentencing submissions I produced. In the end, after endless delays and two years of strict bail conditions, I left for Malaysia. Then, onto Iran. That is another story. They kept delaying sentencing because they knew it would end the strict bail conditions and Iran Press TV would finish filming the documentary they had started. Subsequently, their senior international correspondant - Hamid Farajollahi - was moved from Australia to Berlin. That was no accident - Iran was co-operating with Australia.

SENTENCING SUBMISSIONS - Important. Much Background.

Kevin Foley states six times he is scared for his safety and that of his staff - from Israel.


Here is a recorded call with Callum Thwaites - clerk for Anthony Morris QC where he cannot explain how it is they have done "nothing" for five months after the money was put in. Thwaites blames Kevin Foley for not providing paper work. It was knonw to all of us that Anthony Morris QC would be doing the work - Kevin would just supply the money and back up. Kevin Foley was scared.



5 BTC was deposited on July 23rd 2017 - $20,000. I immediately changed 4 into $16,000. $10,000 went to lawyers. The rest to live on in Kuala Lumpur. That 5 BTC was worth $100,000 in December 2017. When I sold the last BTC it was at $12,000. I have $7000 left. No hope of work. No future. Just a few people donating. I must also fly out of the country every three months and stay out for 4 days - I stay at hotels with CCTV everywhere - not bamboo huts. I dont fly to cheap tourist places. I fly where law and order is "reasonable" at least, and preferably Sunni Muslim.

Germar Rudolf emailed on the 24th of July, 2017 that he was available as an expert witness of matters raised by the prosecution at the trial - Holocaust. At the least he would have done a sworn affidavit.

Ernst Zundel dies in Germany on the 5th of August 2017.

Zundels wife Ingrid Rimland-Zundel died on October 12, 2017. Two months later.

I flew out to N.Z to apply for political asylum the same day Ingrid Zundel died. This was a carefully arranged matter. Appointment with immigration lawyer arranged. Contacts with Virginia Hardy of the N.Z Crown Law department. I had her personal number.

I decided to declare my criminal record as instructed by sign at airport to make sure I followed all rules. I was detained and denied entry and placed in a maximum security prison. New Zealand Intelligence operatives with N.Z immigration then proceeded to disappear ALL my belongings for a month and hide my paper work from my lawyer which was meticulously prepared. Their excuses were pathetic and lower rungs of NZ immigration told me to make complaints about it.

I arrived back in Malaysia (December 19, 2017) after much effort to avoid deportation to Australia. Please understand Australia wanted me deported. N.Z refused to play their game and allowed me, according to law, to be flown back to my port of embarkation - Kuala Lumpur where I was greeted by the Royal Malaysian Police and welcomed.

I was allowed a "turn around" instead of a deportation mark against my name. I found out while in a N.Z jail the lawyers had done N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Literally. Not even ordered the appeal transcript. Each blamed the other. They also asked me to provide the appeal points. Do you understand how ludicrous that is? Two top lawyers were paid $10,000 to get the matter started. They state money is NOT an issue in the call with Kevin Foley above. Then...NOTHING. For four months they had money. For six months they were ready to go. They did...NOTHING.

Here is the letter sent to me by Kevin Foley. It took him three months to send an invoice after taking $3,550 - but never thought to send an invoive? Is that "professional"? I emailed and I rang and I texted him. He never answered nor replied. IN the end his son had to scream at him to pull his finger out - he claimed he was confused and did not know my contact details. I talked to his son twice a week. Is this not proof of his own guilt and un-ethical behaviour?



The only "real" charge on my record is cultivation of a prohibited plant with intent (2003) - to sell and supply to doctors and nurses. I specialized in the "White Widow" strain and I was extremely good at it. I also produced world class cuttings. You may be amazed to know my interests are NOT Israel, psychotic racist killers - but in fact communal living on a permaculture farm. I put my green fingers to good use after quitting Nursing. I read books and grew pot. Its legal in seven states in the US now. So, bite me.

So, in effect, I am charge free since 2003. The rest of the charges and three warrants for my arrest are utter garbage. And I can show it clearly. And I will in due time. Police even laughed when I told them two years down the track from the threat to kill charge it was still going. They replied, "What! Still!" No one cares. Everyone knows it's ALL a joke. But it does not matter. As the judge in Auckland New Zealand stated, I have an "extensive criminal record" stemming from a garbage charge no other state in Australia has on it's statutes. There's a good reason only Western Australia has that racial vilification legislation - it was lobbied for by the Jewish Community for the benefit of the Jewish community by an arch RACIST hard core Zionist and friend of Chabad Lubavitch Mr Uron Dror. South African Jews dominate Western Australia with close ties to Israeli intelligence. Read my high court synopsis (above) for the details.

People have contacted me calling me a fraud - there are no warrants for my arrest they brag! And they were right! You can guarantee W.A hid those warrants. They hid them from New Zealand. New Zealand stated there was NO warrant for my arrest in an indictable (felony) charge. Just ONE minor Magistrates Court matter therefore I should return to Australia. I told them they were hiding the charge and warrant and sure enough...

They even disappeared my Nursing records from Edith Cowan University, Churchlands Campus. Graduated June 1996. That campus is gone and the new one is in the suburb of Jonndalup where the new School of Nursing is. It also houses the police academy and police forensics unit. Someone in their records kindly disappeared my records as I found out later when I went to re-do my Nursing degree.

Judge Wisbey at my sentencing in 2011 stated, "You claim to be a Nurse." I laughed and thought what a bizarre thing to say. But as I found out, they had disappeared my records. I got them back. But only after I got the Nurses Board to provide my original Nursing Registration card. When I returned to the university they stated my records had "re-appeared". I asked if they had ever seen that before. They stated, "Never!" Boy! A fiddled with database! Who would that be! And whats more, why do it? Because it DISCREDITS me as a DELUSIONAL maniac who makes up stories. Any journalist checking my past would find no record of me ever being a Nurse. After all, a man defending innocent women and children from racist supremacist maniacs in Palestine - with a Nursing Degree - is a big difference to unemployed bum, mental illness patient.

When I finally got back to Uni. Signed up. Ready to resume study and 'de-marginalise' myself and mix with a mainstream sub culture, police raided my Uni student shared house and charged with with three counts of "offending" people via a carriage device - the internet. The charges were a bad joke and I abused that female detective for 20 minutes solid as she screamed back and the 5 other male detectives did not say a word. Not a word. They know Det. Vuletta is a piece of evidence tampering garbage doing the special bidding of Jewish community leader Steve Lieblich.

RAID VIDEO STILL IMAGES - December 23rd, 2014

An excellent summing up of all that has happened with raid video footage from multiple raids.

Stephen Lieblich is the man who organised the Israel Ambassador (and many others) against me in an incredible "Friends Of Israel" meeting. It is best explained here in a 40 minute video I did called Israels Secret Weapon - The Talpiot Program...

Stephen Lieblich, a graduate of The Technion in Israel and member of the Israeli Defense Force, complained to police I had "offended" him by sending one time a short message to his business webmail that he was a case officer for Israeli intelligence and Australian authorities were looking at him. He is an OBVIOUS Israeli intelligence asset. Here is what I wrote to him and promptly forgot about till the police turned up at my door - "Hi Steve. I haven't forgotten about you and I believe ASIO [CIA equivalent] and AFP [FBI equivalent] would also like to know you better also." Here are the two main pages of his complain - prepare yourself to laugh...

Poor possum...he was "offended" because I "falsely imply" he is an Israeli spy. People! I implore you! Where else on the earth has this happened? Please tell me you get it. Its been going on for nine years. They - Western Australian establishment - protect this guy at all costs. When he says jump, the West Australian police say how high. And they ask fast.

I hope this information goes someway to explaining the extraordinary betrayals that have taken place.

Please do not under estimate the role of DFAT - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade under foreign minister Julie Bishop. She had my homeless shelter raided over this video where I called her office and asked politely why it is I have NEVER recived any official correspondence from her office in the dozens of letters and emails I have sent - and calls I have made.

The above phone call is one of the warrants I have outstanding for GARBAGE charges they kept going for two years to keep me offline - no other reason. Think about what they have been doing to me. The WHOLE time stating over and over and over and over, "Brendon O'Connell is a mentally ill man." Thats all they have. I know they say this because I've seen what they write to the Iranian and Malaysian authorities.

Here is a decent W.A detective arresting me in the homeless shelter. Police raid videos are an excellent way to get material on the record. I have all 5 of them - raid video's.

Perhaps Julie Bishops EXTREMELY close relationship with West Australian high level Freemason and media magnate in Australia Kerry Stokes has something to do with this?



Could these two West Australian power brokers with deep ties to the Israeli state be my problem? 

They REFUSE to engage with me despite me engaging politely on multiple formats over many years.

I have written the shadow Foreign Minister Penny Wong and AGAIN have received no reply. They simply refuse. What the hell do you do?

Parliament Office

PO Box 6100
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600
(02) 6277 3874
(02) 6273 5879

If you want to help, write and email a polite correspondence to the office of Penny Wong and ask WHY she is refusing to reply to my correspondence and make comment on the Israeli state interfering in my trial.

Remember - there is NO COURT CASE. There is no "sub judice". They must make comment but they never will if you will not engage politely and firmly in the political process.


My case is being suppressed at the highest levels. There is quite a list of bodies including my sister Jacquie O'Connell (massive stroke at 42 in 2010) and more recently Nick Spero at the age of 42 - dead within 5 days of being diagnosed with pneumonia. Not to mention Zundel and his wife. Eddie Al Wally (office fire), Heather Glendinning and her two daughters (slaughtered with knife), supporters brother in office fire in US - the first suspicious death.

You can hear for yourself the treachery of the lawyers. My asylum application to New Zealand would have won had they not disappeared my paper work. If I was a simple, "nut", they would have deported me back to Australia. Instead I got a free flight back to Malaysia and a warm welcome. Please...does that not explain something?

I was granted political asylum in Iran but left due to the bizarre behaviour of my hosts and being used to attack Saudi and The Gulf States which I refused to do.


 I need assistance at the political level AND I need a parliamentary inquiry. I will not let this go.




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